Services / Pricing

Here at Alternative Health Services we strive to give you the best services to enhance your health all naturally. This list of services helps give you an understanding of what Terrie Porras does in her office.

Emotional Trauma Release
Allergy Elimination
Endocrine Balancing
Couples Care
Parasite Detection
Learning Disorders
Supplement Assessment
Iridology and Sclerology
Q2 or EB (Energy Balance)<
The Erchonia Laser
Total Health Assessment
Heavy Metal Testing
Resonance Repatterning for Children up to 12 yrs old
Thought Field Therapy
Physical Aromatic Touch (P.A.T.)
Emotional Aromatic Touch (E.A.T.)
Resonance Repatterning for Adults
Double Emotional Flush
3D Body Scan
Quantum Bio-Feedback Scan (SCIO)
BioFrequency (Global Wellness Pro Machine)

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