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October 7-8, 2022

Advanced European Iridology $450 or $399 if paid by September 1st

December 9-10, 2022

Emotional Trauma Release $395 or $345 if paid by November 28th

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Emotional Trauma Release Certification Course

Where: Valparaiso, Indiana

Also available on Zoom

Date: October 12, 2023

Instructor: Terrie L Porras, ND

Cost: $200 after October 1 $250

Text: 346-640-1091 to sign up


Did you know that, unless you have an emotional trauma or event, you would not have pain unless you were physically injured? It’s true.


Throughout your life, you have heard the terms ‘weight of the world on your shoulders,’ ‘bearing burdens that don’t belong to you,’ ‘pain in the neck,’ ‘choking back tears,’ ‘swallowing pride.’ Where do those terms come from? What do they mean?

Also, throughout your life, you have had many experiences…some good…some bad…some traumatic. When a traumatic event happens to you, your body goes into ‘fight or flight’ to enable you to fight, run, or manage to survive it. Your brain will always remember that event. a smell, a sound, picture, or even a place. Whenever you are reminded of that, the body goes back into fight or flight again, causing you to relive it, or have the feelings all over again even if you don’t physically remember the event. Sometimes, our brain causes us to ‘forget’ a traumatic event because we cannot handle the terror or painful memory or feeling. It’s called self-preservation.

So, what happens if we never resolve those feelings or emotional traumas? What is the harm? We store them in different parts of our body. It’s like putting them on a shelf in the back of a closet or locking them away so we can’t be hurt again. Out of sight…out of mind…right?

Wrong! It’s like ignoring an open blister. It becomes infected, gets septic and can cause you to lose a limb…or die! Feelings buried deep in the body cause physical pain, clinical dis-ease, auto-immune disorders, just to name a few. Left unchecked, they can drive a person to serious depression, PTSD, suicide or violence. They can ruin your life of happiness and peace, and start a cycle of pain, abuse and turmoil that is carried on for generations.

I developed this course accidentally in 1998 while traveling and doing health consultations in another state. A close friend of mine was, laughing, joking and enjoying life one minute, and paralyzed the next, with no warning. A trip to the emergency room by ambulance, and many tests later, the diagnosis came. There was nothing wrong with this person! A healthy 30-year-old that regularly worked out and ate a healthy diet. So, after leaving the hospital, my friend asked me to check for emotional remedies that may help. I used Bach Flower Remedies, so I tested them. Upon testing one of them, my friend immediately became paralyzed again! And it was 1:30 am! I prayed very hard to know what to do.

By focusing on my studies in homeopathy and the courses I took in the results of stored trauma, I discovered a way to release these trapped emotions that cause the body to become paralyzed in a ‘fight or flight’ response. For the next year, I worked on this form of treatment with my partner and a friend/student. What developed was an amazing therapy that released the ‘fight or flight ‘response and helped alleviate emotional, mental and physical pain.

Emotional Trauma Release is not a ‘cure all.’ The body will only release what it can safely manage at one time. This is like ‘taking out the kitchen trash.’ If you never empty it, it spills over and becomes a health hazard. When you empty the ‘trash’, you know you will fill it back up, but now you have room.

Today, I offer this as a Certification course for those that are on a journey of healing for themselves or in service to others.


Terrie L. Porras, ND


Emotional Trauma Release Certification Course
Emotional Trauma Release Certification Course
One Day Only – Saturday, May 25,2024 (8:30-5:30)
To register call/text 713-530-8767. I will need full name as it should appear on the certificate, phone number, email, address(to mail certificate). 
Price: $250 before May 18, after that the price increases to $300. Payments can be made via Zelle/Venmo or pay by phone with your credit card (additional processing fee of 4% will be added)
Details will be sent out to those who register. 
Cost of Materials for class is as follows:
Bach Flower Remedy Kit $235 plus tax/shipping to be calculated by address. (Call to order and please allow enough time for shipping to receive before class).
Handheld LED Red Light , link below. Cost as of 5/8/24 is $62.99 free shipping with Prime.
Once registered you will be added to the WhatsApp Group for this class. 


Terrie L. Porras, ND