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“I loved the Allergy Elimination and the Emotional Trauma Release! I don’t take medicine to sleep anymore and my hair isn’t falling out anymore!”

– Jacqueline

"I first visited Alternative Health Services many years ago. I can honestly say that since that first visit i have become aware of many good health practices to better manage my health. With the help of Alternative Health Services, my family and I have seen many improvements to our health, even while managing several chronic health conditions. I would definitely recommend Alternative Health Services to anyone seeking to improve their health."

– Francesca

“My wife and I have benefited from working with Alternative Health Services through the years. We have been confronted with various issues and always felt that we could contact them when we were perplexed about how to resolve those issues. I would feel lost without them and I know my wife Kim feels the same way. If anyone had a question about how they should move forward with a problem, you will get an alternative viewpoint. You don’t have to agree with it, but at least your gonna get an honest approach to the problem.”

– Daniel

"Love this place!! It’s almost like going on a vacation. You come out feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Can’t wait till my next visit!"


“Alternative Health Services has been a wonderful help to my parents who are deceased and to my siblings, and myself. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, the Dr. prescribed medicine. Well, not knowing, i was allergic to it! Dr. kept giving me different ones till one morning he said “I can’t help you.” and walked out of the room! Like anybody would, I panicked! I asked myself, ”What am I going to do?” I suddenly remembered Terrie and called and booked an appointment. Thanks to Terrie, my life was saved! Love the Allergy Elimination“


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