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Emotional Trauma Release

This is the process which will unlock and eliminate the problems in the subconscious that are keeping you from reaching your personal potential. This is not psychological counseling. Dr. Porras is not a psychologist, nor a psychiatrist, nor is anyone in the office of Alternative Health Services. This method uses your nervous system to assess emotional stress in the body, find which Bach remedies are related, find which Futureplex remedies are related, find the organs and tissues involved, find what phrases stimulate, find what frequencies are effective, and remove the toxic emotion. Whether it is in your personal, professional, or spiritual life, emotions can be hindering your development. The practitioner will be able to recommend the appropriate frequency of visits after the initial treatment. Emotional Trauma Release is the most advanced and in depth emotional work. A “double flush” is available and consists of utilizing the benefits of Emotional Harmonic Rebalance Or emotional Aromatic Touch with the Emotional Trauma Release to achieve a deeper release than the individual basic sessions would achieve. The double flush is available with Terrie Porras, ND and Eric S. Porras, C.F.T. working synergistically together to provide the deepest release possible.

Time: 1 hour

Price: $150.00 ETR only. w /E.H.R. or E.A.T. $200.00