Education: Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (1994), Doctor of Iridology(2002), Master Herbalist (1994), Master Iridologist (1994), Certified Parasitologist (1997), Certified Sclerologist (1996), Certified Functional Reflex Analyst (2000), Pioneer in Emotional Trauma Release.Sclerology (2005), Resonance Repatterning 1-6 (2006)Completed Healing the Family System Part 1 and 2 (2007). Pure Essential Oil Therapy (2007) Currently working on Bachelor of Science in Natural Health through The Internationl Quantum University of Integrative Medicine (IQUIM)13230172_10206012064813301_2371786092159793675_n

Continuing Education: Certified Functional Reflex Analysis, Certified Natural Health Consultant, Emotional Trauma Release Therapy, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, Certified Heavy Metal Analysis, Allergy Elimination, Hormone Balance, Resonance Repatterning, Emotional and Physical Aromatic Touch using pure healing essential oils, Scio BioResonance Therapy and Cold Laser Therapy.

Teaching: Seminars and Correspondence Certification Courses in Basic and Master Herbology, Basic and Applied European Iridology, Professional Herbology for the Iridologist, Sclerology, Aromatherapy, Parasitology and Metal Toxicity. Developer of the Certified Health Professional 100 hour training course. Instructor in Herbal Classes, Stress Management Classes, Parasitology, Emotional Healing, Dis-Ease Protocols.

Research and Development: Terrie Porras continues to study and research various natural health methods that will better assist her clients. Her continuing education includes traveling to other states to practice, and to teach these methods to other Health Practitioners. Through personal research, she has discovered a technique that she calls, Emotional Trauma Release.She also discovered that there is a common link between Bi-Polar disorder and depression and the body’s resistance to certain hormones. Through case studies, research and personal experience, Dr. Porras has found that some chemical imbalances are the result of the body’s rejection or negative reaction to it’s own hormones. Through acupressure techniques and manipulation, the effects of this problem may be eliminated or reversed allowing the client emotional relief. Hundreds have been helped using this technique.


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