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Be Young Total Health 2 Day Event

Join us in welcoming Dana Young of Be Young Total Health this May for a special 2 Day event highlighting the benefits of using essential oils in your daily life. Arm yourself with the knowledge that ONLY Dana himself can bring to our area! Click on the link below for further information and to register. We look forward to seeing you!

Emotional Trauma Release Class

This class will teach you the method of releasing stored trauma and emotion in the body as developed by Terrie L Porras, ND in 1998. Over our lifetime, we store emotions from abuses, traumas, severe illness and injuries in our body. We store them in organs, connective tissue, muscles etc. We also put an emotional wall around us to prevent being hurt by people we care about or situations out of our control. You will learn how to address each organ and the emotion that is stored there and release it using Bach Flower Remedies and/or Pure Essential oils. It’s like taking out the kitchen trash. If we never do it, it eventually spills over and becomes a health hazard. When we do take out the trash, we know we will fill it back up, but now we have room. When emotion goes unreleased for years, we suffer dis-ease, terminal illness, PTSD, nervous breakdowns, and many other challenges. You will learn how to release this in a constructive way, without more trauma. This is a hands on class. You will be working with and on another person. Live Stream is available.

Class Schedule      Friday, Nov 9  9am-5pm – Saturday, Nov 10  9am-5pm

Updates of availability and pricing for Bach Flower Kits and cold lasers, which must be ordered and purchased before class begins on Friday, will be posted by deadline date of 10/15.

Cost :$300

Deposit $100 by Oct. 15th for Early Bird Special (Deposit will be ONLY for class and does NOT include deposit for kits/lasers).

After Oct. 15 price for class will be $375

Herbs, Essential Oils & Other Natural Therapies

Class Scheduled Dec 6, 2018, 8:30-5:00pm

Registration is now open for our Certification Class in Herbs, Essential Oils and other Natural Therapies.

This 3 day class will instruct you in the challenges of the human body and different supplements and modalities that can correct the imbalances. You will also learn how to use a test kit, how to make a test kit, determine dosages and design a health plan.

Class space is limited to 20 hands on. It will also be streamed live through the computer for those out of town clients unable to attend.

The cost is $495 for early registration by November 06, 2018. On November 7 the class is full price of $595. Early registration requires a non-refundable credit card or cash deposit of $100.

Register online or call our office at 281-309-0402.

Yours In Health,

Terrie L Porras, ND

Essential Oils Through the Lifespan

Essential Oils Through the Lifespan

The ​use ​of ​essential ​oils ​has ​grown ​to ​be ​a ​household ​term, ​but ​many ​of ​us ​do ​not ​know ​how ​to ​use ​them ​and ​are ​in ​many ​ways ​may ​even ​be ​intimidated ​by ​the ​thought ​of ​which ​them. ​Perhaps ​you’re ​a ​little ​nervous ​to ​use ​oils ​on ​your ​kids; ​maybe ​you’re ​not ​sure ​if ​they’re ​entirely ​safe ​for ​the ​younger ​set, ​or ​maybe ​you ​are ​caring ​for ​your ​elderly ​mother ​and ​father ​and ​do ​not ​want ​to ​use ​anything ​that ​may ​harm ​or ​lessen ​the ​care ​they ​are ​already ​receiving. ​

Join ​with ​Dana ​C. ​Young ​CEO/President ​of ​Be ​Young ​Total ​Health ​and ​a ​25+ ​year ​expert ​in ​the ​field ​of ​essential ​oils, ​as ​he ​shares ​with ​you ​how ​to ​use ​essential ​oils ​from ​birth ​to ​elderly. ​Learn ​the ​most ​common ​essential ​oils ​to ​have ​on ​hand, ​and ​the ​different ​application ​methods ​for ​which ​type ​of ​event ​to ​make ​you ​a ​master ​of ​your ​home ​healthcare. ​

This ​training ​includes ​the ​following ​topics:

  • Three ​core ​barriers ​to ​health ​
  • Role ​emotions ​play ​on ​physical ​discomfort ​
  • Essential ​oils ​for ​aromatherapy ​& ​topical ​use
  • Essential ​oils ​for ​dietary ​use​
  • Childcare ​protocol ​using ​essential ​oils ​
  • Elderly ​care ​protocol ​using ​essential ​oils
  • Essential ​oils ​protocol ​for ​animals​
  • First-aid ​use ​with ​essential ​oils ​​
  • Household ​cleaning ​using ​essential ​oils ​
  • Emotional ​release ​and ​stress-aid ​using ​essential ​oil ​

please notice: this is an in-person event not an online training please ONLY reserve a spot if you intend on being at the event in person.

Dr. Terrie L. Porras, N.D., native of the Bay Area, has been serving the community for the past 24 years and has been privileged to incorporate the expertise of Dana Clay Young of Be Young Total Health for  11 of those years.  We invite all interested to click on the link below and register as soon as possible to ensure your spot for this absolutely FREE event. We are passionate about spreading the concept of natural health within our area. This event in the Bay Area will surely educate you enough to feel confident in using essential oils to help yourself and others.

For further questions please call our office at 281-309-0402.

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History of Medicine Webinar Thursday, December 14th, 9 am Central

History of Medicine Webinar

Thursday, December 14, 2017
History of Medicine Webinar
10:00 am EST

Phone: 669 900 6833 Webinar ID: 324-570-886

Join us for this amazing History of Medicine webinar

  • Medical Market
  • Death By Medicine
  • MD vs ND
  • What is Allopathic Reductionism
  • Wholistic Superiority
  • Medical Nutrition
  • Minerals

Chris Harrison | Good Herbs | 248.439.1103 |


Tuesday, November 7, 2017
learn how to support and promote your body’s ability to get on top of your health
7:30 pm EST

Join Webinar
Phone: (669) 900-6833 Webinar ID: 822 173 326

You Are Invited!


September 27-30

No matter your current health, we guarantee that you have yet to meet the real you. It’s a bold statement, but true. Please join us for this rare opportunity to attend a one-of-a-kind personal health event. Our all-new “Meet The Real You” Health Experience is an immersive two-day event unlike any other you’ve seen. Discover products and programs designed to help YOU identify specific body system deficiencies and know immediately which product solutions are ideal to correct and improve YOUR health with lasting results!

Discover How Good Your Body is Designed to Feel.



Free Wellness Scan
Find out your barriers to complete wellbeing, whether they are environmental, physical, or emotional. Start your own wellness journey with a FREE health scan and overall wellness report of your current body syunnamed-2stems with our exclusive health mapping systems. Real data in real time delivered with accurate efficiency by Itovi.

Exclusive Educational Sessions

Immerse yourself in the science behind body chemistry. Discover the damaging effects of today’s environment, processed foods, and emotional stress. Learn how to combat these issues to keep your whole self happy & healthy.


Take part in live health product parties to see how the most successful distributors create the best parties for hosts and guests alike. As a party guest you will receive special discounts on our hottest products.


Attend Our Town Hall Meeting

Learn from experts about how you can find out the barriers to wellness that are getting in your way. Hear from Be Young Founder Dr. Dana Young and other guest speakers about your path to vitality. Discover just how good your body is actually designed to feel at our Be Young “Meet the Real You” Town Hall meeting.
Meet the Real You Health Experience
League City, Texas • South Shore Harbour Resort


Free Be Young Online Broadcast!

Alternative Health Service would like to warmly welcome you to attend and participate in a live online broadcast free of charge! The free broadcast will be with Be Young and the title of the broadcast is, ” Discover How to Use Essential Oils.”

When: Friday July 7th, 7:00 – 9:00 pm and Saturday July 8th, 10:30am – 2:00 pm

Location: 3719 Fatta Dr. Dickinson, 77539 (Training room at Alternative Health Services)

There are currently 20 seats available, please call 281-309-0402 to register! We hope you can make it!

Sincerely, AHS Staff


Conference Link Here!